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August 26, 2021

Are you a system developer who wants to take an ice cream break?

Here's the way to the ice cream: All good! Johan, Fredrik, Karolina, Helena, Felicia & Ellen  

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July 2, 2021

Are you a nice, brave and curious developer?

Yes, sir! $git clone  

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June 7, 2021

Java developer

Cilbuper is growing and now we are looking for you who want to take the next step in your career and work to create innovative and well-functioning solutions for our customers. Are you our next Java Backend developer? What are you going to do? In this role, you will work as a consultant in a development team at [...]

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  • "They'll give you your foot in faster than everyone else"

    - Artan
  • "Once Cilbuper, always Cilbuper. The skills development they offer is really there. It's sought after. "

    – Daniel R
  • "I was struggling to get into the market here in Sweden. When I went there I got really excited with their ways to treat us. They promised me a job in a year and called after 5 months"

    - Laiz
  • "They asked a lot about your interest and what you wanted to work with, and you noticed that they wanted to find the right person in the right place, that you end up in a place where you would like it."

    - Rickard
  • "Here you see the potential of people and have the ability to develop them by the right means. They believe a lot in the individuals here, it's a nice trait."

    - Louise
  • "Cilbuper gave me the best career start you can think of as a newly graduated developer. Both the salary and the skills have evolved faster than I could dream of in the dorm room"

    Jan Karlsson
  • "I think Cilbuper gives me opportunities to get my eyes on the company I'm on and to have the role I have today."

    – Daniel R
  • "They sew up a very good program on how to reach an employment"

    - Artan