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Through us you go a training program where we follow you on the whole journey while working at the company you want to be at. Our concept gives you the technical knowledge needed for the job, but also support and mentoring. Something our Cilbupers told us that they appreciate.

Together we create a mapped path with you and a company that leads to a really good start in our careers. When your time via Cilbuper is over, the idea is that you continue as an employee of the company.

We love the dissemination of knowledge. That's why we keep regular meetups where Cilbupers, students and developers get to meet and learn something new through interesting lectures. Read these stories about people who have joined our training programs.

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  • "It's the best place to start your career because you will be given a backpack full of knowledges, It's very hard to find in this industry."

    - Ritu
  • "They really care about you as a person. They have a will that you achieve your best. A strong will."

    - Rickard
  • "Here you see the potential of people and have the ability to develop them by the right means. They believe a lot in the individuals here, it's a nice trait."

    - Louise
  • "Come to work with us, it will be fun and you will enjoy your work life"

    - Laiz
  • "I think Cilbuper gives me opportunities to get my eyes on the company I'm on and to have the role I have today."

    – Daniel R
  • "They'll give you your foot in faster than everyone else"

    - Artan