After many years in the consulting and education industry, founder Fredrik felt that there was a great deal of frustration in the market regarding the pursuit of IT skills. Out with companies and organizations, it said it took a lot of energy for the business to quickly get juniors up and running and into the domain. Fredrik then asked his clients if it would be interesting if he trained the juniors to accelerate their knowledge and learning, the answer was "Absolutely!". Since the beautiful June day of 2016, Cilbuper has gone from strength to strength.

We were, and still find ourselves, in a reality where there is a great gap and noise! Companies and organizations are asking for experience, while junior talent, ready to cut in, has difficulty finding the dream employer even though their areas of competence are some of the most in demand.

What we at Cilbuper have succeeded in creating is a successful concept where both customers and Cilbupers develop and thrive. With hindsight, there has been real win win when our customers dared to invest in juniors who have been further developed with mentoring and really good training.


The development has not stopped, on the contrary. The year is 2020 and we are in an increasingly digitized society where companies and organizations' most important success factor is to succeed in attracting and developing the right employees. The fact that there are now more than ever looking for digital competencies makes competition fierce. Reports show that, for example, we lack as many as 70,000 system developers in Sweden. If we continue in this direction, many companies and organizations will have major challenges, perhaps we may even miss out on the next big innovation Made in Sweden?

Today Cilbuper offers services within these three main tracks:

  1. Recruitment, "upskilling" and "reskilling" of junior IT competencies and engineers tailored to your needs
  2. Training, "suppskilling" and "reskilling" of customers' own existing staff.
  3. Senior consulting

These components enable a competitive factor in the quest to find the dream job or talent that will help a business against their goals.

We are really proud to offer a solution to the current problem so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how to solve your challenges!


  • "Here you see the potential of people and have the ability to develop them by the right means. They believe a lot in the individuals here, it's a nice trait."

    - Louise
  • "I was struggling to get into the market here in Sweden. When I went there I got really excited with their ways to treat us. They promised me a job in a year and called after 5 months"

    - Laiz
  • "Once Cilbuper, always Cilbuper. The skills development they offer is really there. It's sought after. "

    – Daniel R
  • "They'll give you your foot in faster than everyone else"

    - Artan
  • "They asked a lot about your interest and what you wanted to work with, and you noticed that they wanted to find the right person in the right place, that you end up in a place where you would like it."

    - Rickard